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There are 3 secrets to getting new customers and keeping them

  • Getting Attention
  • Sustaining Attention
  • Monetising Attention

We Will Show You:

  • How to build a list of loyal customers
  • How to grow your brand
  • How to build relationships
  • How to get repeat buyers
  • How to get an affordable system for this
  • How to save money, time and effort by doing the right things
  • And so much more...

Hi. We are the founders of Cricket Fanatics Magazine.

We’ve written this book as we have seen so many businesses wanting to grow their customer base and make more sales.

But they don't have a system or a long-term strategy to achieve this.

More than a decade of digital publishing, and running Cricket Fanatics Magazine since 2019, have taught us that online systems can be complex and expensive if you choose the wrong options.

We've therefore packaged our knowledge and experience into a book that can be read on any device without having to download any files or software.

In the book, we cover the three secrets to getting new customers and keeping them forever:

  • Getting attention
  • Sustaining attention
  • Monetising attention

If you apply the secrets in the book, you will build a list of leads, prospects and customers that you can market to forever.

You will also learn how to convert all your traffic into traffic that you own so that you don't have to continuously rely on social media or expensive advertising.

Plus, you will learn how to set up an automated, self-perpetuating system that helps you get leads, build a relationship with those leads, and convert them to loyal customers.

If you choose not to implement a system and strategy to acquire new customers and retain them, your business will not reach its full potential.

You may also struggle to survive and thrive like so many other businesses that have failed before you.

Get our free book now to learn the principles behind getting new customers and keeping them forever.

Then implement the principles.

We are waiting to speak to you on the other side, where we can answer all your questions and be there to guide you towards success and help you avoid failure.

Khalid Mohidin

Faizel Mohidin

Co-Founders of Cricket Fanatics Magazine

Acquiring and retaining more customers is only a click away...

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